This website is all about the new theory of Executive Impression Management. It is based on Impression Management theory by Erving Goffman, and it is exclusive to managers.

Basically we act out our social roles with audiences of at least one person. Impression Management does not exist without an audience. It is subtle, so subtle that as we are socialised into learning how to interact with others as a child, we do not realise that it is happening.

What I found though was that managers use their power to get people to do what they want to do. There are 5 types of Executive Impression Management and 4 are malevolent.

This new theory enables individuals to ‘see behind the mask’ of the manager in question. I invite you to take the time to read about the different types and you will be amazed at the simplicity yet elegance of this new piece of understanding.

Kind regards

Terry Sheridan PhD, FILM, FAIM, AFII