The Arrogant Fraudster

5420225_sThe Arrogant Fraudster feels superior to all around them including their upline managers. They start stealing from the company within weeks of arrival. They can steal millions and no one will detect this, even those who work closely with them. They get rid of any threat by firing people or alter systems so only they can work them.

They like to groom a favourite or two, but these will be successfully groomed if there is total compliance. They are never let into the inner room of the deception. This person will feel let down and almost hate themselves for being ‘gullible’. However, this is not a case of gullibility, it is a case of demonstrating how powerful the Executive Impression Management actually is.

The Arrogant Fraudsters are self-promoting upwards to their managers or Boards, while they use intimidation to those who are subordinate to them – apart from the favourite. This difference on how they handle their EIM to others is one of the pointers to an Arrogant Fraudster.

Their intimidation is not quietly given, far from it, they bully their  underlings quite seriously, with shouting orders and debilitating co-workers through fear. Those targets who have been bullied usually need therapeutic intervention, as it erodes their self-esteem.

It is observed that they are like this with their partners or spouses, and do not bring them to work parties or celebrations, making excuses, in some cases for years.

There are odd things that this Fraudster does over time, and it is these oddities which are the cracks in the mask.

Eventually, they are caught, the Arrogant Fraudster would never leave a post, as they are like a parasite drawing blood as the host can give it. Therefore in bad times the Arrogant Fraudster will reduce the amounts stolen so as not to ‘kill’ the host.

Upon discovery, they use the old tricks of conning management with trusting them. It does not occur to them to change tactics.

Those Arrogant Fraudsters in the study after they had been arrested and let out on bail, found other employers who were taken in with their sob story. All of them were found guilty and sent to jail, but the interim employers had to wear the deception and the loss.