The Mediocre Manager

33892425_sThe Mediocre Manager openly works the system to achieve higher rank quickly. They tend to be risk adverse, as they never want to make a decision that ruins their career path. Paradoxically they may expose the organisation to major risk by never sticking their necks out.

This type of manager proliferates in organisations. They wish to get to the top and use subversive ways to achieve this. The thing is they use manipulation (power ‘under’) of a person, and the target may never realise what is going on, until things do not make sense any more.

They build up cliques or magic circles, and others are not allowed in unless they follow the rules as laid down (tacitly) by the manager. This leads to bullying by exclusion. Schoolgirls are known for this type of bullying, the hidden chatter and laughter behind backs is a typical skill of the Mediocre Manager. If Mediocre Managers target another employee directly, this is most likely because the target is recognised as having better skills and abilities than themselves. Deliberate information which is incorrect  can be spread by these managers and many a target’s ambition has been thwarted by these manoeuvres.