The Respectful Manager

37457480_mlThis type of manager is the good one. How do you know? Because everyone says that working with this person is ‘Good’ or ‘Great’. You won’t get mush more out of co-workers as they feel in their mind that there is nothing to add. These managers are great bosses, and are relished by their co-workers.

The managers work hard to get the business going, are very fair with employees. In addition they are self aware of their own faults, so if they make mistakes, they own up to them fast.

Once you find a Respectful manager, it is up to you to stay with them as they are few and far between. In my view they form less than 20% of managers, so must be treasured for who they are. There is no back stabbing, no gossip around the water cooler and no manipulation.

Again, I personally think that those who find these managers hard to work for, is because that they have had a malevolent manager before and are waiting for the cracks in the ice to appear. The good news is that the cracks never appear, they stay Respectful, even if stressed, they will still be kind and fair to their co-workers.