The Tyrant Manager

61423824_mThe Tyrant Managers are slave drivers. They want everything including high salaries with all the perks. The risks that they pose are high staff turnover, product or service failure as there is too little time to do it right.

My own personal viewpoint is that many of these Tyrants are spoilt brats with some entrepreneurial skill as they set up companies for people to do the hard work for them. A typical large company Tyrant would be a newspaper magnet. For instance, Robert Maxwell  drove his people around him to exert every last drop of blood to make profits. His management approach failed in the end and he died under mysterious circumstances, falling off a boat at night.

Many small businesses are run by Tyrants, and their staff suffer accordingly. In some large organisations there may very well be Tyrants in pockets away from the Administration’s eyes. Here I am thinking of the armed forces in many countries who allow intense bullying to targeted recruits.

If you notice a manager saying “Do as I say, not do as I do.” then more than likely he or she is a Tyrant.